Auxiliary Power Units

Auxiliary power unit with DELTEK™ hybrid
diesel-electric technology.

Auxiliary power. An active alternative to engine idling. Idling a tractor engine for in-cab comfort or to ensure cold starts is very costly. It increases fuel cost, engine hours, engine maintenance, and service cost. With Carrier auxiliary power, you can turn off your engine, be comfortable, and turn down your operating costs. Externally mounted on the side rails, Carrier's APU is protected in its own weatherproof compartment and runs off the truck’s fuel supply. This innovative hybrid diesel-electric system saves fuel, runs quieter than the truck engine, reduces emissions, and provides reliable all-night comfort for the driver.

  • Provides sleeper air conditioning  
  • Provides sleeper heating 
  • Powers household accessories 
  • Charges the truck batteries 
  • Warms the truck engine
  • Compatible with shore power 
  • Monitors battery charge

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